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WebKit-GTK : JSC v/s V8 performance on ARM

As I mentioned in the other post [1], recently I managed to get WebKit-GTK compiled with V8. My previous post presented the performance data between JSC and V8 taken on a x86-64 bit machine and based on the performance metrics, it turns out that, V8 performs better over JSC, at-least in x86-64 bit machine.

Having said that, it would be interesting to see the performance numbers on a ARM device. This post captures the results of V8 and Sun spider on an ARM target.

Reference device:
The reference ARM target used for the performance measurement is Panda Board [2]. Panda board has OMAP4430, 1GHz, Dual core ARM cortex-A9 processor with 1GB of low power DDR2 RAM. I had ARM version of Ubuntu Natty 11.04 running on this device.

Build Configuration:
WebKit Revision : 91387
V8 Revision : 9014

Benchmarking procedure:
There are 3 popular Javascript performance bench-marking tools , viz, V8 bench-marking tool by Google, Sun spider bench-marking tool by WebKit community and Dromaeo bench-marking tool by Mozilla. Here I captured the bench-marking results with V8 and Sun-spider tools. Each of test suite in each tool is run for 5 times and average of these 5 runs is taken for comparison. Data is shared here. I couldn’t able to get the data with Dromaeo[5], as this suite takes longer time and my Panda board used to get over-heated and display used to get turned off before the completion of the test.

V8 benchmarking :
Below graph shows the performance result taken with V8 benchmarking suite[3],

As the chart shows, with exception to ‘Splay’ test case, V8 performs significantly better than JSC! In-fact, this result is almost same as the results taken on x86-64 bit machine [1]. On an average V8 seems to be 3 times faster than JSC.

Sun-Spider benchmarking :
As with V8 benchmarking suite, even sun-spider benchmarking suite[4] also favors V8 (except in 3d and regex test cases) over JSC. On an average there seems to be ~1.5 times increase in performance with V8.

Well, based on these results, it seems like, V8 performs better over JSC, not only in x86-64 bit machine, but also on an embedded ARM device.

[1]. https://xc0ffee.wordpress.com/2011/08/27/webkit-gtk-jsc-vs-v8/
[2]. http://pandaboard.org/
[3]. http://v8.googlecode.com/svn/data/benchmarks/v6/run.html
[4]. http://www.webkit.org/perf/sunspider-0.9.1/sunspider-0.9.1/driver.html
[5]. http://dromaeo.com/