Highlights of WebKit GTK hackfest.

Below are highlights of items that we worked on during the hackfest. Please note that this is not the complete list, these are the just the ones which I remember as of now!

  • Martin and Gustavo worked on setting up JHbuild for testing. With the JHBuild, one can get test pass percentage as close to 100.
  • Carlos presented the progress of WebKit2 GTK API and his future goals.
  • Bob published his initial draft of WebKit GTK cookbook.
  • Xan, John, Claudio, Juan and Bastien discussed about the new design of epiphany browser and its integration with Gnome OS.
  • Andy worked on adding support for block-scoped let and const to JavaScriptCore.
  • Philippe worked on full-screen fixes for <video> tag.
  • Dan worked on clean-up of libsoup code in WebKit-GTK and other network issues.
  • Bastien wrote a replacement plugin for flash videos.
  • Mario and Joanmarie Diggs worked on the accessibility support in WebKit2-GTK+ and Ad Blocker extension for epiphany.
  • Alex, Joone, Martin and myself worked on Accelerated Compositing code. Joone concentrated on clutter implementation and came up with the initial patch for the same. Alex worked on cairo based texture mapper implementation and he has a patch. Martin and myself have been working on OpenGL based texture mapper and we hope to have a working prototype soon. I plan to dedicate another blog post detailing the texture mapper based accelerated compositing design, hopefully I will have it soon!
Juan has a post summarizing the progress of WebKit-GTK hackfest in “WebKitGTK+ hackfest wrap up“. Mario and myself have been taking few pictures during the hackfest and they can be found in Mario’s flickr stream and my flickr stream.
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  • Joone  On December 9, 2011 at 2:23 pm

    Hi~ I could finish my initial AC patch easily with –with-accelerated-compositing build option you added. Thanks!

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