Hola España, Hola WebKitGTK+ hackfest!

Unknown place, unknown language, unknown people! Sitting at the corner of a bench in an airport, all what I see is small, neat and clean airport with few people walking here and there. Airport flight information board displays few of flights destined to Madrid, Barcelona and Lisboa. Stranglers passing-by me gives me a strange look and a gentle smile at the same time. And here am I, sitting at La Coruna airport, a new place, new city and hoping for lots of new excitements.

Journey started yesterday night from Bangalore airport. After attending my ex-roomies enagagement during the day, I took a BIAL bus to Bengaluru International Airport, and reached airport quite early at 11.30pm. World is small, met and had a good conversation with one of my ex-manager. My flight started at 4.25a.m, slept all the way in the flight and landed at Doha airport, Qatar at 6.30am. Connecting flight from Doha was at 7.30am, and reached Madrid at 1.00pm (Madrid time). I kind of enjoyed my journey in Qatar airways, probably it is one of the best airlines I had experienced. It was just an hour of journey from Madrid to La Coruna and here I am, in the beautiful city of La Coruna!

And did I tell you that I am here to attend WebKit-GTK hackfest? Yes, this is the first time I am attending WebKit-GTK hackfest and super excited to meet and hack with few of Igalians, Collabara and other hackers. I had interacted with many of Igalian’s earlier via emails and irc, but this is the first opportunity to meet them all. Also, this is the first time Motorola Mobility is participating in WebKit-GTK hackfest, hoping to contribute few more patches WebKit-GTK.

Stay tuned for updates from WebKit-GTK hackfest!

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